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A New Year's Greeting to our MorningStar Neighbors

We are excited to begin this new chapter with MorningStar, our neighbors, and friends! We love our new home in the woods and know that in many ways, this land is your home, too.

These acres called out to us in November of 2020, and in response we took up the challenge of becoming the new stewards of this beautiful land and these cherished buildings. There is much to be tended to in the coming months. This spring we plan to replant the vegetable garden and clean up the gardens around the house. One day, we hope to be able to offer breakfast on the porch of Phoenix House - we have dreams.

We know many of you have a long-standing relationship with this land and these cabins. Know that you will be able to continue to enjoy them in the same way you have for many years. Whether you stay on MorningStar property or Air & Sun Acres, you are welcome to walk all of the land and trails you've come to love and enjoy.

We hope to meet you all over time, but we understand that you may want to continue to have peace and solitude on your visits and we respect that. If you would like to say hello in person, from a safely-masked distance, please let us know by reaching out through our site.

We chose the name Air & Sun because it mimics the sound of our surname "Arendsen." So we both honor our ancestors and take responsibility for this land by giving it our name. More about our ancestors later. We hope to provide regular communication with you to keep you posted about upcoming events and to let you know how things are "growing."

Wishing you all the best for a safe and happy 2021! We look forward to making new memories with you in the years to come.

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