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Come Enjoy Solitude and Nature: Discover Tranquility in North Western Michigan's Timeless Cabins

Experience the serenity of North Western Michigan's woods in our rustic, beautiful cabins. Embrace nature's tranquility, just a stone's throw away from local amenities. Join us in sharing the timeless beauty of our land.

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About Us


A lifelong dream come true. I arrived back in Michigan in 2020 and magically found myself here on the land. She told me it would be a lot of work but I never shied away from a challenge. And challenging is an understatement, but I'm still here and building a community to sustain and share my dream with you. - Krista

Come Enjoy Solitude and Nature Here in the Woods of North Western Michigan

If you're yearning for an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a journey into the heart of the woods awaits you. Imagine immersing yourself in the heart of nature, surrounded by the peace and tranquility that only the great outdoors can offer. Our cabins, nestled in this wild landscape, offer a retreat that's both convenient and enriching. Welcome to an experience where modern comfort meets timeless beauty—welcome to the woods of Michigan.

Step into a realm where the whispering winds and rustling leaves replace the urban symphony. Our cabins, strategically located to provide the perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility, promise an escape like no other. Amidst the woods of Air & Sun Acres and Morningstar, you'll find a haven that boasts rustic charm, natural beauty, and an ambiance that resonates with the soul.


Unveiling the Beauty of Our Cabins

Our cabins aren't just structures; they're a portal to another world. Crafted with a deep respect for the surroundings, these abodes blend seamlessly into the landscape. The rustic allure of weathered wood, the timelessness of the design, and the harmonious interplay of indoor and outdoor spaces create an experience that's both cozy and awe-inspiring.


Embracing Tranquility and Peace

In the heart of the woods, tranquility becomes your companion. As the sun's gentle rays filter through the trees and the symphony of birdsong fills the air, you'll find a sense of peace that's hard to replicate elsewhere. The very essence of this place beckons you to unwind, rejuvenate, and rediscover the harmony of nature.


The Convenience of Proximity

While the woods offer solitude, you need not sacrifice convenience. Our location strikes the perfect balance between seclusion and accessibility. Just a short distance away, you'll find local amenities that cater to your needs, ensuring that you're never too far from the essentials.


We Live Here: Sharing the Land's Beauty

We aren't just hosts; we're stewards of this land. Our deep connection to nature is what drives us to share its beauty with you. It's not just a place we own—it's a place we inhabit, cherish, and respect. With open hearts, we welcome you to experience the magic that has captured our souls.


Exploring the Woods: A Journey of Discovery

When you step outside your cabin door, a world of exploration awaits. Traverse winding trails, discover hidden clearings, and stumble upon the winding creek shimmering under the sun's embrace. Every path is a new story, waiting for you to write it with your footsteps.


Seasons of Enchantment

North Western Michigan's woods are a canvas that nature paints with different hues throughout the year. In spring, the forest awakens with a burst of vibrant life. Summer envelops you in lush greenery, wild flowers, and warm breezes. Autumn sets the woods ablaze with fiery foliage. Winter turns the landscape into a tranquil wonderland, inviting you to cozy up indoors or brave the snowfall.


Engaging with Local Culture

While the woods provide solitude, North Western Michigan has a culture waiting to be explored. From local artistry to quaint shops, to yummy restaurants and nearby beaches and lakes you can experience the essence of the region's creativity and history. Engage with the locals, hear their stories, and become a part of the tapestry that makes this LeRoy and the surrounding area special.



Q: Are the cabins equipped with amenities?
A: Yes, while our cabins exude a rustic charm, they are equipped with cold running water (Keefer and Gabriel's) and an old school pump in Mother Lodge along with drinking water provided. Cabins are heated with wood fire or propane heat stoves. Kitchenette and  kitchen staples, fridge, stove, coffee maker, comfy beds, and clean cotton sheets. To ensure your stay is both cozy and convenient.

Q: Can I enjoy outdoor activities in the woods?
A: Absolutely! The woods offer a plethora of activities, from hiking and birdwatching to stargazing around a campfire. Please use the “Wilderness Ethic” and pack out what you pack in including all trash.

Q: Is there Wi-Fi available in the cabins?
A: While we encourage guests to disconnect and embrace nature, we do provide a Wi-Fi hotspot upon request for a small fee ($20 / visit)  .

Q: Are pets allowed in the cabins?
A: Yes, we understand the importance of furry companions. Our pet-friendly cabins welcome your four-legged friends. Please clean up after pets and keep them leashed when around other guests.

.Q. What’s the shower situation? How do I bathe or wash dishes without hot water?
A. Each of our cabins now have a tub available for old school style washing up. Keefer Cabin and Gabriel's cabin have outdoor tubs and Mother Lodge has a tub inside. Need hot water? use pots to heat water on the stove and add to the tub (or the sink to wash dishes) to get the perfect temp.

Q: What’s the closest or best airport to fly into?
A. Grand Rapids: 1 hour 20 mins drive, super convenient and lots of direct flights
Traverse City: 1 hour drive
Detroit Metro: 3 hours drive
Chicago O’Hare: 4 hour 20 mins drive

Q. What’s the best season to come visit?
A. Krista says: "Berry season, of course!" (Late July through early September)
But truthfully we get all the seasons around here and they are all lovely. What’s your favorite season to experience in nature. We'd say that’s the one.

Q: What's the best time to visit for fall foliage?
A: The autumn foliage is most stunning from late September to mid-October, offering a breathtaking display of colors.

Q: Can I book the cabins for a group retreat?
A: Absolutely! Our cabins are perfect for group getaways, allowing you to share this enchanting experience with loved ones. If you need more room to spread out our neighbors Morningstar have 4 more cabins on over 90 acres. Get in touch to learn more and start planning your custom retreat today!

In the woods of North Western Michigan, a haven of tranquility and natural beauty beckons. Our cabins stand as a testament to the seamless blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. Whether you're seeking solitude, a connection with nature, or an opportunity to share cherished moments with family and friends, this is a destination that fulfills those desires and more. Embark on a journey that nourishes your soul, and let the woods work their timeless magic on you.


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