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As you make a left onto the two-track out of the driveway for Gabriel's Cabin you will come to a trail on your right with a sign that reads "Her-See Path”, marked with yellow posts. This is a beautiful forest and creek trail leading eventually to the Chartres Labyrinth. When you get to the open clearing out of the forest, you will see the yurt (Raven’s Nest) and an outhouse. The labyrinth is just beyond that. You can return via the trail that runs along the fence then winds back to the main two-track. 


There are also two trails that cross the Hersey Creek and loop back near the main house. Northstar trail is marked with green posts and starts between the main house (Phoenix House) and the garage. It runs across the creek and across from the Mother Lodge. Just south of Keefer Cabin you can find a trail marked with orange posts that crosses the creek and also makes a larger loop. 


The White Pine Trail Linear State Park is part of Michigan’s Rails to Trails initiative, it’s paved for biking, roller skating, and hiking and can be accessed by walking past the campsite area to the west of the fork in the road at the entrance to the property. The break in the fence past the campsite signals the way. Another way to get to the trail is by taking the driveway out on Dayspring Path and turn left on 13 Mile Rd. The trail intersects before you reach Mackinaw Trail. There are a couple of parking areas along Mackinaw trail to the north and south of 13th mile.



As you step out your front door, walk up the driveway toward Kay Blue. At the road, turn right. The spirit wheel will be to your left through the trees. Instructions are inside the box by the spirit wheel. You may use the wheel in any way that fits your needs and interpretations. 



As you step out your front door, go back up the driveway to the road and walk west until you get to Dayspring Path. Stay on that two-track until it winds its way to the Chartres Labyrinth. The walk to the Labyrinth may take you 20 to 25 minutes. There is a folder at the labyrinth containing instructions and information. Next to the bench is a yellow box where you may journal. 
The Classical Labyrinth is down past the garden and parking area on the left side of the driveway to the North of the sign.


While there is not a restaurant on site (yet!), there are places for you to eat out if you don't want to cook.

The first one might be handy for you when coming in from the south. There is a Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, and a China King Chinese Restaurant in Reed City all at US 131 exit 153; the exit before you get to 11 mile (our exit 159 to Ashton)


There is a small store in the town of Ashton. If you came in from the south, you got off at the Ashton exit (159). Rather than turn left on Mackinaw Trail go straight and you will have arrived! If you came in from the north, from your cabin you would go back out Dayspring Trail to 13 Mile Rd. (The gravel road you came in on), turn left, go up the hill to Mackinaw Trail (paved) and turn left. When you get to 11 Mile Rd. turn left again and a small store has some food and supplies. You might want to go there anyway as it is a quaint little town like so many scattered across Michigan.


Additionally, there are some good places to eat in the wee town of LeRoy. When you drive north on Mackinaw trail you’ll find Traveler’s Bar & Grill on your right. Another restaurant, Mr. Pibs is just past the gas station on your left. If you drive a bit further north on Mackinaw Trail you'll see Mineral Springs Pizza Pub and Grill, which comes highly recommended. As you head even further north on Mackinaw trail you will see signs for the Cadillac Winery on 18 mile rd. (We recommend checking in with them about their current Covid policies.)

LeRoy is located about 5 miles north of the Acres. To get there, you go back out Dayspring Trail to 13 Mile Rd. (gravel road at the mailboxes), turn left, go up the hill to Mackinaw Trail (paved) and turn right. You will wind your way north until you come to an intersection that is LeRoy. Continuing north and right around the bend are these restaurants, Dollar General, a gas station, and the Village Market that has anything you might have forgotten.

There's a Recycling Center in Reed City for dropping off recyclables after your stay.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for ways to improve our services and space. Sign our guest journal and add any reflections. Share the love and tell your friends about your stay. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @airandsunacres 

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