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Keefer Cabin


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in caring for the cabin and land as gentle caretakers of this space set apart for the sacred practices of silence, solitude, creativity, relationship, and play. 

The following information will help make your stay safe and will be supportive of us and the natural beauty of the planet. 



East of 131 and South of 13 mile road.

Keefer Address:
20586 MorningStar Trail (Next to Phoenix House)
LeRoy, MI 49655

Once you turn off of 13 mile road at the mailboxes you'll pass two private driveways on the left. At the next fork in the road go to the left and follow MorningStar Trail until you pass the big house on the left. Keefer Cabin is just past the small parking area. You can park right in front of the cabin and woodshed.


Follow MorningStar Trail until you reach a small parking lot across from the big house. Keefer cabin is just past the main house to the south. Let me know what time you plan to arrive and I'll meet you if you'd like. If you prefer no contact check-in let me know. 


Please leave the cabin as clean and tidy as you found it. 

  • Sweep and vacuum floors and shake out small rugs carefully (braided rug seams break easily). 

  • Wipe down cook stove and countertops. 

  • Wash and put dishes away or leave in the drying rack. 

  • Clean and dry the sink. 

  • If you used the woodstove, please restock kindling and firewood. 

  • Leave used linens in the mesh basket provided under the cabinet by the front door. 

  • If the chamber pot was used, please empty it into the out house, and clean it with Pine Sol and water before leaving. 

  • Put compost (no meat or dairy) in the brown compost frame behind the sawdust bin down between the garage and the small brown and green shed (past the main house). 

  • Rinse the compost bucket. 

  • Take home your trash and recyclables. 

Book Keefer Cabin


Krista Arendsen lives in the main house (Phoenix House). If you’d like to meet me or have any questions I can be reached at 734-210-7812.

If I'm not available, Brian and Karen Cool are our amazing and helpful property managers. You can contact them for information or in case of emergency at 231-768-4624. 


Spectrum Health
300 N. Patterson Rd. Reed City
15 min 13.6 miles SOUTH
off US 131 exit 153 Reed City

Munson Health Care
400 Hobart St. Cadillac, MI
22 min 15.6 miles NORTH

Build a fire


Located on the post near the fireplace and one upstairs. Pull pin and aim at the base of the flame. In case of fire call 911 and call the numbers above.

Julie's Outhouse


Please do not put anything except toilet paper and sawdust in the hole. Use as little paper as necessary. Keep the toilet seat down and the door closed when not in use. Sprinkle sawdust after use to aid in composting and odor control. 

Inside Julie's Cabin


We ask that you are mindful in your use of this convenience. Please keep electrical appliance use to a minimum. Do not use more than a 60-watt bulb in bed lamps. 

Wood Stove at Julie's


Start by making sure the flue on the chimeny is turned open. Next pull the vent knob below the stove out about half way. Place paper and kindling underneath a log and light with a match. Close door and control heat by pulling in and pushing out the vent knob at the bottom. Don't burn over 500°. Place water containers on top for hot water and optimal humidity. 

Kitchen Julies.jpg


The cooking stove has automatic pilots. If the burner does not light, lift stove top and check to see if the pilot is out. Relight the pilot with a match. If the pilot does not relight notify us.



Please be conservative and cautious in your use of candles. Watch for drips. Use only jar candles or tea lights. Make sure candles are extinguished before heading to bed or before going outside. Please put all used matches in nonflammable containers. 

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