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Bird's Eye View

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Everyday we get more acquainted with the nuances of the land here at Air & Sun Acres. A couple weeks ago our friend Nick Mast came out for a visit. Nick brought his drone and we're really excited to share these awesome shots of the land, the creek, the pines, the cabins, and our home.

Check them out!

The Hersey Creek winding through our yard.

Air & Sun Acres from the sky. Gabriel's Cabin is in the upper left.

The mighty pines aka Sherwood Forest

We plan to have Nick back to get more shots in the spring, summer, and fall. Do you create art with nature? Fill out our application for Artist or Helper in Residence at Keefer Cabin and let us know about your interest and how we can work together to create something beautiful inspired by the land.

Ready to come visit? Book a cabin right here.

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