Wishing on a Star

Updated: Feb 21

Live for today! Plan for tomorrow! Smile all the time!

As we look out at the snow we are excited about this present moment and our snow covered wonderland. We also know that winter will eventually turn to spring and so we want to plan for some future projects.

If you would like to participate in these projects or have any of these items and would like to donate or sell to us, please let us know.

Two large projects are in the front of our minds...

Garden Preparation: Our main garden is approximately 1000 square ft. and has not been planted or tended in the last few years. We need loving hands and strong backs to help us reclaim it and turn it into a wonderful, living, productive space so we can make bountiful produce available to all who come to visit.

If you are interested in being a part of our gardening project let us know. Tilling, preparing the ground with compost and topsoil, pulling weeds, and planting are all on the "to do list." Let us know through email how you would like to participate in reclaiming the fertile land and cultivating new growth.

Once we have a list of folks who want to participate in this project we'll offer up some dates for working weekends and get things scheduled in the spring and summer.

Things we need:

Rototiller - better yet bring your tractor!

Seeds and/or seedlings- vegetables, annuals, and perennials welcome. Organic and heirloom preferred.

Topsoil, Compost, worm castings, soil testing, etc

Blueberry and other berry bushes

Fruit trees


We are also planning to add a chicken coop as well as zone gardens for the chickens to roam, eat, and fertilize. These gardens are separate from the main garden mentioned above and will be filled with mostly perennials and shrubs. The concept of zone chicken gardening is new to us and we're looking for other people who would like to learn about it with us. If you have experience with chickens and chicken gardens let us know.

New Roofs for Mother Lodge and Keefer Cabin:

Mother Lodge is the more urgent of these two projects. We're starting from the beginning on this project. We are seeking leadership and folks who can help us with the needed list of supplies. If you have roofing skills, supplies, or suggestions we are listening and grateful. Please contact us here on the site, send an email or call us about any of these projects.

If we told you all the projects we're thinking about you wouldn't be able to sleep at night, so we will leave it here for now! If you have other skills, don't worry, we need you too! Everyone is welcome to participate in future projects.

Thank you in advance for thinking of contributing your time, energy, and skills to improve this beautiful place for all who wish to come and enjoy.

We also have some special opportunities for folks who wish to come and stay for a week to a month in Keefer Cabin and work on a project while they're here. If you're interested in this residential stay program please take a minute to let us know about your interest by filling out this application.

Our guests are enjoying this snowy wonderland. We still have some openings over the winter months. We welcome you to come up and experience the beauty first hand! Book here.

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