The Balance of Solitude

I am so lucky to have this beautiful place to stretch my legs and encounter sights that stop me in my tracks to take a photo. I'd rather not have the camera - aka phone - out on a walk, but sometimes I have to unzip my pocket and get it out in spite of my intention to be completely present. This photo is of the sun shining on the creek taken from the bridge on the Red or Heron Path. It starts right behind Keefer Cabin. I don't know why I love the Red Path so much. I try to get myself to take the Green Path, which is even closer to my own door! But, I have a favorite. It seems to call my name every time I get close enough to Keefer Cabin to take care of something; it's like I feel this pull to go on a walk out of nowhere. Today I was amazed at all the changes. Much easier to get under this tree now that the 3 foot snow drift beneath it is gone.

And I found some new life, even before the first official day of spring.

I was even more surprised by these guys. I had a wonderful walk on this property 5 years ago in October and saw dozens of mushrooms. So, when I saw these today I was excited to know that mushrooms apparently pop-up throughout the year.

By now you are wondering what all this has to do with solitude. I just think that spending a little time alone in nature helps me feel back in balance with myself. Maybe it works that way for you too. That is one of the reasons we have this place available to everyone. So, if you are thinking of coming to enjoy some nature don't worry if you don't have a travel buddy. Come enjoy some solitude and watch the winter turn to spring in the forest.

We are making Keefer Cabin available for rental mid-April. You can reserve it now! Hello Solitude.

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