My First Night in Keefer Cabin

When I first met Julie Keefer in the fall of 2016, she had already moved up to the "Big House" - known then as Rosewind and Phoenix House. When she showed me Keefer Cabin I was astounded at how something so simple and functional could feel so elegant and be so beautiful. I remember the big window which looks over the Hersey Creek. I remember the stunning view. The view is just as breath-taking today as I stand beside that window and look out now. It's magic.

The stillness is so intense. The only sounds are the creaking metal, crackling wood and the whistling rush of the hot air up the chimney coming from the wood stove. At night without the view to distract me, the sounds take over to keep me company.

On Friday we finished the renovations on the basement of Phoenix House. The basement will be my space and I have been waiting for over a month to be able to unpack and settle in. But, the opportunity to spend the weekend in Keefer cabin was too tempting. What a special place this is.

We are keeping Keefer Cabin as a guest house, so you don't see it listed as a cabin you can "book." We reserve it for close friends, family members, teachers or facilitators who come to lead a retreat. We are also considering offering artist residencies. We already know that this land is attracting the right people to it.

I thought I would feel the need to watch my favorite Netflix show on my phone or even read a book, but I just wrote this little chapter and then munched on homemade popcorn while watching the fire. I slept better than I have in a long time, even with the occasional break to get up and feed the wood stove. This is the perfect place to have a visit with yourself. I am so grateful that I came to stay here and have the opportunity to share this place with those who also appreciate the power of solitude and nature.

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