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A New Day

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Every day is a gift. Out here in the woods there are so many blessings, so many projects, and so many trees! As the leaves change things have been changing here at Air & Sun Acres as well. I found myself in a position to fully take over this project alone. My sister, Laura, the catalyst that brought me here has decided to move on. I have chosen to stay and continue to make this dream a reality.

I know my work here isn't done and I have to do everything in my power to keep my home and to keep offering the cabins for retreat. I have to continue to move forward with my dream of sharing this very special place with all of you. I'm pressing on and working on securing funding to buy the property outright from Laura. It has proven to be difficult but I have faith that we can make it work.

I've now taken on as a solo venture what I thought would always be a partnership. My dream here was not to be a lone wolf, but to be part of a team. I've always seen the farm, as I like to call it, as a cooperative venture that we could share with friends and family along with those of you who have been drawn to the land or invited by family and friends too. When we arrived I was overjoyed to have a place for my daughter, mom, and other family members to come home to. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to continue to move forward in this magical space despite the challenges along the way.

I'm considering a lot of ideas right now, including nonprofit status, and I'm seeking guidance and direction. My goal is to keep our little spot in the woods safe, to nurture its magic, and to offer opportunities for those who need to reconnect the most. I'm moving forward with the folks from Morningstar, my neighbors; Rebecca S., an amazing resource here on the land; Karen & Brian Cool, caretakers of this space long before we came along; the O.G. members of the Girl Farm, you know who you are; and any of YOU who'd like to join the ride!

Thank you so much for showing up to check in and read about what's going on with things here at Air & Sun Acres. If you'd like to get involved or offer support or have any ideas or questions feel free to reach out:

If you'd like to donate directly please use this link.

All donations will go directly to paying off the property and loan or back into the business land and cabins.

How you can help and be part of the dream:

Come Visit! Or plan a future visit... Book a cabin, the loft, or a campsite (coming in 2022!) Plan ahead and book into the future. Come to the land for a family gathering, ladies' weekend, favorite holiday, or birthday. Use the code "winter21" for 20% off right now. Buy a gift certificate towards a future visit that you can use any time you're ready to book. Or send a postcard to a friend or yourself with a 20% off code for booking! Shop the gift shop with the code "friends" for 10% off there as well!

Here are some free ways to help too: Write a review on google, facebook, or anywhere you've seen us mentioned. Share this post with your friends and family and suggest to them a visit or support. Help me make connections and connect the dots. Follow us on social media @airandsunacres (on facebook and insta and tiktok).

Please feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and ideas:

I hope you will sign up for updates (I know there hasn't been one in awhile but I'm going to get on it!) and check back here in the coming months. Winter is coming and the crew and I have some exciting things in the works!

Thank you all so much for your love and support on this journey. I am beyond blessed to have you on my team and I look forward to seeing what we can create together to sustain ourselves and this magical space.

Much love and appreciation,

Krista Arendsen

Air & Sun Acres, LLC


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